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  1. Maximizing Margins: Understanding P21 Costing

    Master P21 Costing for Profitability: Access our webinar recording to learn how to set up Prophet 21 costing correctly, ensuring profitability. From basics to advanced challenges, discover flexible, maintainable costing strategies, solutions for landed costs, changing inventory with 3PL, rebates, lots, and more.

  2. Dynamic Dashboards with P21 and Power BI

    By integrating Power BI with Prophet 21, distributors are able to visualize and interpret their operational data. This powerful combination offers a suite of dynamic dashboards designed to provide comprehensive, real-time insights into various aspects of business operations. Dynamic Dashboards: A Closer Look Dynamic dashboards are more than just visual aids; they are critical tools…

  3. Speeding up order entry in Epicor’s Prophet 21 web version

    When our clients move to the web version of P21, one of the most common observations is that it is not as fast as the desktop version. This is particularly true at order entry where customer reps are using to entering in items as fast they can type. The web browser technology makes this speed…