We’re Conveyance Solutions, and …

we’re the ERP consultants you wanted when you decided you needed to call an ERP consultant.

We just help businesses solve their ERP problems. That’s it. That means actual, real-world solutions that create value.

Our 100% onshore team works with you every step of the way to uncover what you really need, craft a solution, and make sure it’s rolled out smoothly.

Whether it’s a full-on Prophet 21 implementation, temporary help desk support or anything in between, we’ll handle the technology while you focus on growing your business.

Our consistently growing team is US-based and come from a variety of technical and business backgrounds. We pride ourselves on being a great “place” to work even if we are all remote and spread out across 3 time zones. Without taking ourselves too seriously, we strive do deliver outcomes that customers are truly satisfied with and that solves real business problems. 

Our management philosophy is one of “humans working with other humans”. As such we are each worthy of the dignity of work in which we are respected as people who want to do a good job, can be trusted to learn and grow, are able to make mistakes, and have a life outside of our role.

As of November 2022 we are a 4 day work week operation. Without compromising our customers needs and associated coverage, there is compelling evidence that a 4 day work week is a good solution for our team. We trialed this though the summer of 2022 and the shared consensus was “let’s do this.”

Our team is currently the following:

  • Andrew Taylor, Co-Founder
  • Allie Taylor, PhD, Co-Founder & Board Member
  • Jordan Harding, Consultant & Co-Owner
  • Evan Foster, Consultant & Co-Owner
  • Matthew Nafa, Consultant
  • Amber Chisholm, Consultant
  • Adrian Gavina, Consultant
  • Val Ross, Consultant
  • Eric Pargmann, Consultant
  • Wilson Vivas, Data Specialist
  • Dan Markoff, Data Specialist
  • Jason Harding, Data Analyst 
  • Tanner Dugan, Data Analyst
  • Savannah Holm, Sr. Application Consultant
  • Daniel Sohn, Finance & Accounting Consultant
  • Blake Stoughton, Project Coordinator

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