Group 44

Prophet 21TM Project Rescue

Here’s the dirty little secret of IT consulting: Sometimes, projects fail. When it comes to Prophet 21, we’re the team that helps them get back on track – and delivering real results faster than you thought possible.

Nobody wants to be looking for a team to rescue their failed or stalled Prophet 21 project. But things happen. Whether it’s a P21 implementation, a web migration, a system customization or anything else, some consulting projects don’t go as planned. In fact, Boston Consulting Group says that a full 70% of digital transformation efforts fail.

Conveyance is here to turn your frustration into a success story. Our team of Prophet 21 experts is ideally suited to identify your needs, create a plan and avoid what went wrong in the first place.

IT projects fall flat for any number of reasons. Some are purely technical. Others have to do with infrastructure. Frankly, some projects fall victim to organizational politics. We’ve seen it all – and we’ve helped teams get past the issues and into P21 success.

Conveyance Solutions has partnered with us for several years- primarily during our implementation, and then post-implementation too. They have been flexible in providing us the additional capacity we’ve needed during certain initiatives to support our large P21 environment. I highly recommend them!


Let’s Work Together

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